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Restaurant - Pizzeria - Take-away: great flavour is served

The secret of our restaurant is its ingredients: excellent, locally-sourced produce.

From fish from the sea to those from the lagoon, from  wild herbs to the vegetables grown in our famous gardens, right through to farm-reared meat, our local area offers a variety of extremely interesting raw materials. All of these wonderful ingredients are simple and tasty, the perfect base for local dishes prepared according to traditional recipes, or given a modern twist. A real treat for your taste buds.

That’s not to mention the pizzas baked in our rotating wood burning oven, a favourite among Italian and foreign guests, our wide choice of beers, for real foodies, and our wine cellar with its rich selection of fine wines.

Our ice-cream parlour

Delicious, healthy and nutritious, our campsite’s ice-cream is extremely well-loved by Italian and foreign guests alike, and has now become a must-have tradition at any time of day. Enjoy one with your family, or with new friends, walking along the road down to the sea... it’s sure to make any occasion a real excuse for a party.

Made with quality ingredients, it’s a little treat that’ll give your seaside holiday that extra touch of flavour.

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Scarpiland Camping Village

  Via A. Poerio 14 - 30013, Cavallino Treporti VE

  +39 041966488
  +39 041966488

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