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Local area

The Cavallino-Treporti coastline stretches for 15 km from Venice to Jesolo, and is bathed by the waters of the Adriatic sea and Venice’s salty northern lagoon.


Officially named the European capital of “open air” tourism, in addition to excellent tourist services, this resort also offers an untouched landscape and unique, unspoilt nature.

Surrounded by a real nature park and situated between Venice, the city of art par excellence, and Jesolo, the oasis of fun and nightlife, Cavallino-Treporti is a holiday destination that has something for everyone.
It's perfect for those looking for an environmentally-friendly stay, those dreaming of an active holiday, those searching for an oasis of well-being, families, nature-lovers and foodies.

The two eco-systems, the sea and the lagoon, living side by side has created the ideal habitat for many different species of flora and fauna. This adds unique and great environmental value to the local area, which has been awarded a Blue Flag for its beaches and has obtained EMAS environmental certification.



This sandy stretch of shoreline stands out for its wide, clean and safe beaches that gradually slope down into the sea. Perfect for families, sports enthusiasts and anyone wanting to bask in the sun.

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Along the shore, towards the inland, you’ll find the ups and downs of the sand dunes, with the lush green pine forest just behind. Moving further inland, there are stretches of fields, vegetable gardens and greenhouses, majestic, soaring historical buildings, linked to Venice’s military history, and, right next to the lagoon's canals, small, ancient villages, where time seems to have stood still.



Here, you’ll find an unusual and incredible landscape that captivates all the senses.
Amid the salty air and the aromas of aromatic herbs, you’ll catch a glimpse of egrets, seagulls, black-winged stilts, flamingoes and cormorants, listening to their chirping and chattering.
The setting of the lagoon’s canals is made even more beautiful by the wild vegetation along their banks, and by the mudflats, salt marshes and fishing valleys. Here, everything seems to plod along slowly, following the rhythms of nature, to which visitors happily find themselves adapting.

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What will you find in Cavallino-Treporti?

• clean and safe beaches and sea (Blue Flag beaches)
• unspoilt, untouched nature
• relaxation, sport and fun for all ages
• cycle tourism routes
• excellent horticultural production
• a tradition of high quality food and wine, where flavours tell the story of the local area, its history and its traditions
• a family-friendly holiday (Paediatricians’ Green Flag)
• a cultural-historical heritage just waiting to be discovered, with small ancient villages, towers, barracks and batteries, and museums. The most recently opened attraction is the Pisani Battery Museum.

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